Ferrero Looking to North America for Hazelnuts - BC Hazelnut Growers Association
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Ferrero Rochers

Ferrero Looking to North America for Hazelnuts

Nutella made from hazelnutsThe world’s largest buyer of hazelnuts, buying approximately 25% of world production, is Ferrero SpA, makers of Nutella, Ferrero Rocher, and Kinder Surprise. With consumer demand for their products increasing, the well-known chocolate makers are seeking to widen their sourcing options with farmer recruitment efforts. Historically, Turkey has been the single most dominant supplier of hazelnuts on the world market. This leaves its customers, like Ferrero, vulnerable to volatile market prices on this major ingredient in their products. This article, published by Reuters, November 2nd, 2017, highlights this and many other reasons land-owners in the select few viable growing regions in the world should be aware of the opportunity that hazelnuts present as a crop.

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