About BCHGA - BC Hazelnut Growers Association
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Our Purpose

The BC Hazelnut Growers Association (BCHGA) exists to promote the improvement and expansion of BC’s hazelnut industry, and to support BC hazelnut growers, as well as nurseries, researchers, extension specialists, and suppliers. We believe that hazelnuts are a terrific crop for BC, and can once again be a thriving part of agriculture in the province.

The BCHGA works with industry partners to conduct research into variety trials, and promotes awareness of the crop through education and advertising. In addition, we explore opportunities at the provincial and federal level for funding to assist with our activities.

Young tree in orchard

Who We Are

The BCHGA is incorporated as a BC Non-Profit Society, comprised of a membership base who elects a volunteer Board of Directors at each year’s Annual General Meeting.

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We’re here to help!

Learn more about becoming a member of the BCHGA and what it means to be a member.

BCHGA Membership

Partner Organizations

As an important part of the strategy to achieve our goals, the BCHGA partners with other organizations to provide opportunities for research and innovation, and to conduct variety trials.

University of the Fraser Valley

University of the Fraser Valley:

The BC Hazelnut Growers Association is fortunate to have partnered with the University of the Fraser Valley to support the hazelnut industry through collaboration, research, and education. Click here to read more about this partnership.

UFV Agriculture Centre of Excellence

UFV Agriculture Centre of Excellence:

The BC Hazelnut Growers Association is very grateful for the support of Garry Fehr, PhD, Director of the Agriculture Centre of Excellence, University of the Fraser Valley.

For more information about the University of the Fraser Valley’s Agriculture Centre of Excellence, please see:  https://www.ufv.ca/ace/

Abbotsford Community Foundation

Abbotsford Community Foundation:

The Abbotsford Community Foundation and City of Abbotsford awarded the BC Hazelnut Growers Association a 2016 Agricultural Enhancement Grant. BCHGA is very thankful for this funding and the opportunity to work on a crop innovation project, in partnership with Holster Farm and with the continued support of the University of the Fraser Valley. More details about this project here!

BC Ministry of Agriculture

BC Ministry of Agriculture:

The BC Hazelnut Growers Association is thankful for the support of the BC Ministry of Agriculture for providing funding, through the 2016-2017 provincial finance budget consultations, to support BCHGA’s efforts.

BCHGA Upcoming EventsUpcoming Events

The BC Hazelnut Growers Association holds regular events throughout the year. Keep in the loop with our Events Listing >