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Grower Resources

Welcome Growers!

Whether you are new to growing hazelnuts or have been doing so for a while, we hope that you find this resource listing helpful. Feel free to contact us if you can’t find the information you are seeking, or if you have suggestions for additional resources you’d like to see listed.

Hazelnuts on orchard floor

We’re here to help!

Learn more about the benefits BCHGA membership can provide to you as a grower.

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Sample Hazelnut Production Budget

The data presented in the Hazelnut Production Enterprise Budget is sourced from current local hazelnut growers, and from production yields from Oregon-based research findings.

BCHGA is providing this data in order to illustrate the anticipated revenue/costs (per acre) for starting a new orchard.

Please see the table below, or you can download the printable brochure  >

BCHGA - Sample Enterprise Budget
BCHGA Sample Budget Brochure

Tips for Growing Hazelnuts

There is a wealth of knowledge available for those seeking information to help in the farming of hazelnuts. As new information becomes available, we will keep this section up to date. Below are some links to information sources the BCHGA believes are a good starting points. If you do not find what you are looking for here, feel free to contact us, and we will do what ever we can to assist.

Planting Hazelnuts & Orchard Establishment

How to Grow and Prune Hazelnuts

From the Nut Growers Society of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia:

From Birkemeier Farms:

From Oregon State University:

From Missouri Community Trees:

Harvesting Hazelnuts

It is recommended that a very level orchard floor be kept, otherwise nuts will rest in hollows and be difficult to pick up at harvest. A leveller is a useful piece of equipment to have access to, from about year 3 onwards.

Information provided by Oregon State University:

Small scale harvesting equipment:

A wide variety of harvesting and processing equipment:

  • Feucht-Obsttechnik
    • Nut Harvester, Shaker, Oil Press, Huller, Washer
    • Nut and Fruit Harvesters Small Scale
    • Nut Cracker, Sizer, Blower, Dryer
    • Nut Dryer, Hopper, Sizer, Cracker, Elevator

Hazelnut Pest Management

Report on Filbertworm in BC hazelnut orchards – survey conducted in 2016. With thanks to T. Hueppelsheuser from the BC Ministry of Agriculture for conducting this study.

BCHGA collecting hazelnuts

Where to Source Plants & Equipment

Hazelnut Trees

Mosterman Plants Inc. – Chilliwack, BC
43583 Adams Rd, Chilliwack, BC
Call 604 823 4713 or email

Mountain View Acres – Agassiz, BC
Call Neal Tebrinke on 604 796 3437, or email

NatureTech Nursery Ltd.
12 varieties of Eastern Filbert Blight-resistant trees!
778 835 1400 (Haley)
778 808 1015 (Thom)

Pacific Coast Agriculture – Chilliwack, BC
High-quality, premium hazelnut trees
604 798 2798

Orchard Planning Services

Pacific Coast Agriculture
Zachary Fleming, PAg
604 798 2798

Thom O’Dell PhD, PAg
Nature Tech Nursery Ltd
778 808 1015

Orchard Maintenance Services

Pacific Coast Agriculture – Chilliwack, BC
Planting, Orchard Care, Spraying
604 798 2798

Van Maren Farms – Chilliwack, BC
Custom Harvesting
604 798 2320

Receiving Station – Washing & Drying

Fraser Valley Hazelnuts Ltd. – Receiving Station for George Packing Co.

For further information, please contact:
Kevin Hooge, 604 997 7811

Tractor in hazelnut orchard

BCHGA VideosField Day Videos

BCHGA’s 2020 Field Day pivoted to a virtual format this year, and as a result, we now a new video library of information sessions produced for the occasion. Explore the videos here >

Or Ask an Expert…

Please contact us for any questions you might have about hazelnuts. We are happy to help!
One of our Directors will get back to you as soon as possible.