Membership - BC Hazelnut Growers Association
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BCHGA members gathering

Membership Benefits

Membership with the BCHGA offers many benefits:

Access to hazelnut researchers and horticulturists

Through BCHGA’s partnership with the Nut Growers Society of Oregon, Washington and British Columbia (“NGS”), you will have access to research findings and reports from researchers and horticulturists in BC, Washington and Oregon.

You will also be invited to partake in annual meetings, grower workshops and field days bring together growers and other scientists and professionals who are vitally interested in your concerns.

Extended online resources and e-newsletter

These publications give you the latest information on maintaining and improving your orchard, and issues affecting the BC hazelnut industry. Available to members only, theses resources help keep you up-to-date and save you time and effort searching for what is new and valuable for BC hazelnut growers.

We recommend also signing up for NGS membership for access to extended benefits, events and information, including the annual publication of the NGS Growers Handbook. Visit the Nut Grower’s Society of Oregon website for more information.

Network with other growers

You will have the opportunity to be part of the whole BC hazelnut industry. Grower meetings and a membership directory make it possible for you to easily connect with other members for their advice or support, and to share new ideas and information.

Have a say in policies that affect you

Members are invited to attend the BCHGA Annual General Meeting and will have a vote on policies that shape the Association.

A committed Board of Directors working for your interests

Have an elected, committed, volunteer Board of Directors working for you, exploring opportunities at the provincial and federal level for funding to assist with re-establishing hazelnut orchards affected by Eastern Filbert Blight, partnering with other organizations to provide opportunities for research and innovation, conducting variety trials and research, and fulfilling the BCHGA’s purpose to assist growers and promote and enhance the BC hazelnut industry.

Become a member today!

This is a critical time and our success depends upon your participation and support. You can show support as constituents of the BC hazelnut industry by joining the BCHGA.

Questions about membership?

Please contact us or email and a BCHGA director will get back to you as soon as possible.

BCHGA Membership

Membership to the Nut Grower’s Society of Oregon

The BCHGA highly recommends its members and other interested parties consider membership with the Nut Grower’s Society of Oregon (NGS) in addition to BCHGA membership. The additional access to large regional industry events and resources not only helps growers establish a wider network of connections, but strengthens the hazelnut industry in North America and helps ensure our shared growth and success going forward.  Information about membership to the NGS can be found on their website.

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